Sólgleraugu Square Moss

5.290 kr.

Semi-transparent green bio-based sunglasses with brown lenses in a retro look. ‘Square’ are unquestionably glasses that lend character, with their big, rectangular frames in a modern retro style. The graphically restrained rectangular frames give ‘Square’ glasses a striking look. These sunglasses are super lightweight and comfortable to wear despite their chunky frames.

These sunglasses are unisex, with comfortable, hard-wearing flexi-arms that fit all head sizes. The frames are bio-based made from 45% castor-bean oil. The frames are robust, lightweight and durable. The thin, lightweight lenses are made of high-quality acrylic and provide 100 % UV-protection. All metal parts are nickel-free.

Your glasses always come with a free felt case (worth €6) made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET).

Frames, lenses and felt case are all made of reusable materials.

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