Sólgleraugu City Milky Amber

5.290 kr.

Oval sunglasses in light, milky amber. The look of these sunglasses was inspired by the cat-eye fashion of glasses favoured by Audrey Hepburn, but this design has been given a more contemporary, slender and elegant twist. With their golden amber-colour, these sunglasses will complement any item in your warbdrobe – and their shape will suit most facial shapes.

All our sunglasses are unisex and have 100% UVA and UVB-protection. The sunglasses have flex hinges for a comfortable fit, durable polycarbonate frames and aspherical acrylic lenses, creating a light, slender and elegant look. All metal components are nickel-free. Frames, lenses and felt cases are all 100% recyclable.

The glasses come with a free case made of felt from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), worth €6.

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